My youth marked points on a map somewhere between Greyhound bus depots situated in valley towns of the Great West, and the crosstimbers of Oklahoma.  A string of points, and a few wrinkles down the highway, I gained a tad of wisdom.  There are days where melancholy fits like a pair of tattered blue Levi’s only to be followed with days bright as a tie-dyed, cotton tee.
Welcome to mid-life.


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  1. I like your blog a lot, and I like what you’re doing — grad school — wow! Can’t believe the DNR is revealing GPS locations of wolf dens — it’s criminal. Janet


    1. Oh, and I’ve pulled about 15 peer reviews papers just today on primarily wolves, but there are two that deal with coyotes, too. I’m so angry at what is happening with the wolf hunts that I’m researching how the reintroduction of wolves has been beneficial to the ecosystem. Plus, the coyotes really get hammered. It’s unbelievable how many are so brutally trapped, tormented, and killed. We all have a place in this world. I was searching for papers on the psychology of hunters that hunt for the joy of killing, but have pretty much come up empty handed. Surely, there is research on the psyche of these ‘sport’ hunters and those that hunt for the sheer enjoyment of the kill. I will find it eventually.


  2. ???? You’re in Oklahoma? When I followed you there was something very familiar about you. I couldn’t place you, though. This picture is of Honey Creek in, I believe, Delaware County. I was at a workshop quite a few years back when I took this picture.


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