Burning down the house with ghosts

Good conversation this morning.


can she go homeToday on Facebook there were two very interesting posts next to each other in my morning feed.

The first post was by Mr Mike Forcia, chairperson at the American Indian Movement in Minneapolis who stated “If trump wins it’ll be Armageddon. And I think it’s best for everyone.”

The other post was by Ms D Yvette Wiley, a Native American environmental scientist from Oklahoma who’s stated, in regards to the Trump/Pence ticket, “These nazis will be burning people like me at the stake.”

So, we have two passionate, caring and smart Native Americans who are opposite ends of the spectrum regarding who their candidates. They both do not like Ms Clinton. Their distrust and distaste for her runs very deep. They seem to both despise Mr Trump. Yet their votes will cancel each other out.

Mr Forcia advocates “Armageddon” and states, ” If we can not live in Creation the way the Creator intended, then it’s…

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