Oak Flat Plea: #RemovetheRiders from NDAA

There is an atrocity getting ready to happen to America. In the wings of Congress they are preparing  to vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This ‘must pass’ bill has multiple riders attached that will devastate a pristine and unique ecosystem in the Tonto National Forest. It is called the Oak Flats and is not only an ancestral land area of great cultural significance to the San Carlos Apache, but it is a recreational area that has been used for multiple generations of Arizonans and other Americans. It is unique in that there is crystal clear and cold water with beautiful waterfalls and a unique oak forest that is a short distance above the hot Sonoran desert.

Oak Flat Gaan Canyon

Oak Flats is home for many species of wildlife like black bears, bobcats, mountain lions, coatimundis, fox, and many more. The Resolution Copper Mining Company is a subsidiary of Rio Tonto, an Australian mining company. Our elected Senators have essentially taken what is rightfully owned by every last American and given it to this foreign company to destroy with a copper mining technique that will cause this land to cave in just as if an earthquake hit it. It will be gone forever. To see what you and all of the animals dependent on the ecosystem will lose watch this short video, Oak Flats in Tonto NF. Would you trade a mansion for a shack? That is what our elected Senators have done to each and every one of us. If they vote to pass the NDAA with the riders that is exactly what they have accomplished. We had a mansion. They took it and have convinced us that a shack is just as wonderful.

To see more thorough coverage of the issue watch, The Great Oak Flat Giveaway A small group of people, plus the San Carlos Apache have been fighting against this give away for years. You will see how Senator John McCain and other elected Senators and Representatives have conspired to circumvent the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to give our land to a foreign mining company to extract and destroy.

This is almost a done deal. If our elected Senators pass the NDAA with the riders, and they will pass it, we must not give up this fight. I have only learned of this fight over the Oak Flats a week ago. I am ready and willing to stand with the San Carlos Apache, and all of the hikers, climbers, campers, biologists and outdoor enthusiasts to stop this atrocity on Americans. There must be a legal avenue to stop this action.

Oak Flat Gaan Canyon


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