Why The Polar Vortex is Good for Wolves

Interesting blog on the wolves of Isle Royale NP. Be watchful, folks, we’re literally witnessing what some call “The Sixth Great Extinction”. We are changing our world at an unprecedented rate.

The Wolf Preservation Blog

Wolf Ice Bridge

The wolves of Isle Royale National Park have lived in isolation for over four years, but ice bridges caused by an extremely cold winter may change that.     Photo Credit given to Rolf Peterson

A rare ice bridge between Isle Royale National Park and the mainland offers a lifeline to the island’s dwindling wolf pack.

“The Park Service website for Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park describes it as “a rugged, isolated island where wolves… abound.” Rugged and isolated, yes. Wolves abounding? Not quite. Only 8 wolves live on the 133,000-acre island today, down from 24 in 2009, according to Lake Superior Magazine’s Phil Bencomo. The pack’s isolation, and resulting lack of genetic diversity, is causing its decline.

But the deep freezes accompanying this winter have have brought more to the upper Great Lakes that ice caves, it has formed ice bridges between the island and…

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