Oregon Wolf Pup Calls To It’s Pack….

On a good day we smile with the world. We are thankful for all of the species still in existence. On the bad days we’re inundated with reality:
– Wolves being ‘harvested’ or packs being killed for whatever reasons a state or federal fish and wildlife agency can dream up.

– Carnivore species crashing globally.

– Lions are endangered.

– Coyotes called, hunted and slaughtered at alarming rates.

– Sea life is crashing. The fish populations are crashing.

– Dolphins and whales are sick.

– Dead zones in the gulf of Mexico.

– Elephants are being poached and slaughtered into extinction.

– Corruption on every scale is ruling the world.

And this list could be long enough to circle the globe. So it’s nice to simply watch and listen to a recording of a wolf pup howl. Don’t think about how short his life may be with the bloodthirsty sport hunters. See him in the moment. This moment. Enjoy.

Howling For Justice

January 13, 2013

Is there a more haunting, ethereal sound in nature than the howl of the wolf?  This sweet pup calls to its pack and they howl back!!


Posted in: gray wolf pups, biodiversity

Video: Courtesy YouTube ODFW

Tags: Snake River Wolf Pack, ODFW, wolf pup, howling wolves, Oregon

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