Wolves Trapped and Killed by Idaho’s Hired Hunter


A suit was filed yesterday, January 7, 2014 to stop this extermination. A second motion was filed today for an expedited briefing schedule since the defendant’s, council has said they would not be able to file a response until, Tuesday, January, 14th.

If Gus Thoreson, the hired hunter/trapper for Idaho Fish and Wildlife has already killed seven wolves the two packs will probably be exterminated by January, 14th. Seven lives lost. Six with traps. Horrific way to die. Traps should have been illegal decades ago. Who knows how many more he has killed by now. Maybe all of them.

I have so little to offer other than to vent. It has been one horrific killing season for wolves, and we’re only in the second year since they lost the protection of ESA. At this rate how long before their numbers are so low that they bottleneck? There have been 1,140 wolves killed this year in the six states where they are hunted, and that isn’t counting the wolves that live in the hard to access Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area in Idaho.
It seems the only thing that will save wolves from the bloodthirsty, Jeremiah Johnson wannabes is for them to be put back on the ESA. And time if of essence.

If anyone reads this blog and reblogs this horrific news we must join forces and get put a stop to this insanity.

I will be writing a personal letter to Obama. His administration has been an abomination for wildlife and conservation. Total Failure.  It is his administration under the leadership of Sally Jewell that got wolves delisted in the first place. It is those in the U.S. Forest Service that worked in cahoots with Virgil Moore, Director of Idaho Fish and Game that schemed this slaughter. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area is federal land under the authority of the U.S. Forest Service. Those are our lands. All American’s lands, not just those in Idaho; not just elk hunter’s land.


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