Conservationists Sue to Halt Wolf Kill

This is good news. Let’s hope it works and that it works soon enough to save the two wolf packs in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area of Idaho.

I believe the hired hunter, Gus Thoreson is already in the FC Wilderness area. Let’s hope there is a stay before too many lives (wolf) are lost.

These wilderness regions belong to all Americans, not just the elk hunters. Annihilating wolves is not the solution to elk population decline.



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2 responses to “Conservationists Sue to Halt Wolf Kill

  1. Ray

    No would rather wolves be managed by competent wildlife biologists and not PETA spewing urban wackjobs from California.


  2. Ray, your comment sounds like a knee-jerk reaction, “PETA spewing urban wackjobs…” WTFE. You’re no wildlife biologist. What you are is a fake.


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