For Our Beloved Wolves, For The Murdered, Fallen Ones…

The number of lives lost in this year’s season of blood-lust.
The Killing Season
Slaughtered, not harvested. The dead, bloody bodies primped and posed for a picture with the killer; a member of the ‘higher species’. Smiling and proud of his kill.
Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Siblings, Pups
Michigan: 23
Wyoming: 88
Minnesota: 237
Wisconsin: 257
Montana: 240
Idaho: 295

Howling For Justice

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

Video: Courtesy DragonneHeart·  (YouTube) Wolves – The Mummers Dance

Tags: the beauty of wolves, sorrow for the murdered wolves, wolf wars, Earth Island Journal, never give up the fight


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