Short thoughts rule the current era. Between Facebook, Twitter, and newspaper comment sections we’ve trained our brains to think in spurts and jabs. Word limits. Character limits. Two sentence jabs in the facebook friend’s comments beneath their political eye roll of the week, “yeah, yeah, Sarah Palin’s a troll. She’s only up front and center when whatever right-wing, self-proclaimed controversy of the week appears—-move along, show’s over.” Twitter’s 140 characters: ” Anyone know how many coyotes were slaughtered this past Saturday at the Western Oklahoma Coyote Calling (KILLING) Contest? #StopTheSlaughter.

I can spurt, spit, and jab with the rest of America, but I do believe I’m ready for extended contemplation on beauty that is left in this world. What long pause did I take when I captured a photo of the sun when it threw hues of pinks and blues onto the clouds above Oregon mountains? Will this July night stay or will it get lost in transient clouds?

Perhaps we can take a break from the Phil Robertson’s, Sarah Palin’s, government shut downs, Obamacare lawsuit of the week, or the latest Benghazi conspiracy. Contemplate on the present moment and gaze upon the pinks and blues hovering in the clouds


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