My Day Job in the Creeks

That’s me with the black tank and Aussie hat. A group of us were looking at the caddisflies in Honey Creek, a pretty stream in NE OK. Since this was a few years ago, I don’t remember why we were there. It wasn’t a training, so it must have been a tour of some type. Yes, it was work related. It’s fun to splash around pretty creeks and get paid to do it.

Honey Creek is a beautiful creek. I wish I worked in this creek. How fun it would be to work here.


I work in this creek. It’s Josie Creek in McIntosh County, OK. It’s not a bad creek; it’s a neat creek, with lots of deadfall. This creek has little springs that trickle water from undercut banks, and up from the substrate. The substrate is typically a white sandy-clay. There’s been many a day that I’ve dilly-dallied around while watching water bubble up through the white sand of the substrate. That mesmerizes me.



And I work in this creek……………

I love working in the winter! There is no poison ivy to attack me in the winter. There is no salty sweat burning my eyes in the winter. I love winter!





I’ll leave you with this:





This is definitely an incised bank. It’s not such a pretty picture, but it is what I come across often with the stream I monitor.


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