Pope Francis’s Encyclical for Earth

The buzz over Pope Francis’s encyclical has grown to sound more like the roar of a river during spring snow melt. Rick Santorum, a Catholic, will melt down faster than the glaciers in the Himalayas, and John Boehner, with his requisite tears will cry the battle songs of capitalism. Let’s face it. This Pope took the name, Francis of Assisi; that nature loving, animal protecting friar that called all animals his brothers and sisters, for a reason. For Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, he believed that nature was the mirror of God. This pope could not have come at a time when this planet needs him more. Whether you are Catholic or not, you can believe that the pope influences the world. World leaders know this and world leaders are concerned that this pope will expose their debauchery of the planet’s gifts; those gifts that have fueled capitalism and exploitation of poor people and indigenous people ever since colonization began.

My disdain for the religious and the rampant hypocrisy and greed that we witness daily has grown equally with my age. But for a couple, I’ve come to loath religious leaders that intentionally allow the shibboleths of greed, hypocrisy, and false piousness to fall from their tongues while the sword they carry is ready to behead those most in need; the poor, the voiceless people victims of capitalism; and voiceless animals that are slaughtered for fun and entertainment. I’ve watched as growth of megachurches have filled the thousands of seats with people there to hear the message of the richest liars in the churches; Oral Roberts, Joal Olsteen, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and countless more that are living in castles and driving the Rolls Royces while the flock that empowered them to be millionaires struggles to stretch the last dollar between paychecks.  My heretic mind is dizzy from the millions of dollars and message of hate they spew. I fail to grasp why people clamor to hear their message of damnation and hell, and judgement of non-believers and worship of money.

I have spit on Christianity for many reasons, but the hypocrisy and message of hatred, and love of money at the expense of the poor and the earth’s gifts was front and center. As my distaste for the religiouscrats grew, enter Pope Francis. Pope Francis, who chastises capitalism for the harm it has done to the world’s poorest; for the harm it’s done to this earth due to the pillage of her bounties has softened my views on Christianity. What comes to my mind is the bible story of Jesus when he cleared the church of the money changers, the Pharisees. Jesus’s seven woes of the Pharisees:

  1. They taught about God but did not love God — they did not enter the kingdom of heaven themselves, nor did they let others enter. (Matt 23:13-14)
  2. They preached God but converted people to dead religion, thus making those converts twice as much sons of hell as they themselves were. (Matt 23:15)
  3. They taught that an oath sworn by the temple or altar was not binding, but that if sworn by the gold ornamentation of the temple, or by a sacrificial gift on the altar, it was The gold and gifts, however, were not sacred in themselves as the temple and altar were, but derived a measure of lesser sacredness by being connected to the temple or altar. The teachers and Pharisees worshiped at the temple and offered sacrifices at the altar because they knew that the temple and altar were sacred. How then could they deny oath-binding value to what was truly sacred and accord it to objects of trivial and derived sacredness? (Matt 23:16-22)
  4. They taught the law but did not practice some of the most important parts of the law — justice, mercy, faithfulness to God. They obeyed the minutiae of the law such as tithing spices but not the weightier matters of the law. (Matt 23:23-24)
  5. They presented an appearance of being ‘clean’ (self-restrained, not involved in carnal matters), yet they were dirty inside: they seethed with hidden worldly desires, carnality. They were full of greed and self-indulgence. (Matt 23:25-26)
  6. They exhibited themselves as righteous on account of being scrupulous keepers of the law, but were in fact not righteous: their mask of righteousness hid a secret inner world of ungodly thoughts and feelings. They were full of wickedness. They were like whitewashed tombs, beautiful on the outside, but full of dead men’s bones. (Matt 23:27-28)
  7. They professed a high regard for the dead prophets of old, and claimed that they would never have persecuted and murdered prophets, when in fact they were cut from the same cloth as the persecutors and murderers: they too had murderous blood in their veins. (Matt 23:29-36)

I do believe the modern day Pharisees who profess to be messengers of God, are scared of this pope. This pope may very well clear the churches of the money changers. The encyclical on climate change is officially released this coming Thursday, June 18, 2015. It’s already been leaked to the press, but I will wait to read it when it is officially released. No, I’ll never again claim Christianity as my belief, but I have finally found a religious leader that I can respect. It matters not whether I believe God is Jesus or whether I believe all things possess energy; the energy of the spirit and the soul. That is God. We all possess that spirit and soul. The spirit and soul of Earth has been raped, pillaged and robbed for centuries. We kill wildlife for ‘family fun’ and entertainment then go park our ass on a church pew to beat up on gays and unmarried mothers. Anyone who has ever peered into the eyes of the injured knows all animals possess a spirit and soul; anyone that has ever waded through a stream polluted and screaming with the stench of hydrocarbons knows that we can no longer sustain the capitalistic pursuits of colonialism.

This planet and this planet’s wildlife, and the people that are the poorest of the poor, and the regular joes doing their daily grind, blinded by reality TV and Facebook will read a message lacking the hypocrisy of the ‘pious’ politicians. These people, oblivious to the coming droughts, floods, wildfires and wars that will be brought on by climate change will react. They will profess, “Oh Lord, do you not see my beautiful mansion? The ornate is for you. Did I not fly on my own jet to speak your message?” The politicians are already preparing their rebuttals. However, the climate change fueled by colonialism and capitalism will be dealt a blow; just as Jesus dealt a blow when he threw out the Pharisee money changers. Pope Francis of Assisi could not have entered the world’s stage at a more desperate time.

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Red Cliff Tribe rolls out Wolf Protection Plan, declares itself wolf sanctuary

Originally posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife:


Source:  http://www.northlandsnewscenter.com/news/nw-wisconsin/Red-Cliff-Tribe-rolls-out-Wolf-Protection-Plan-declares-itself-wolf-sanctuary-296667471.html

By Ramona Marozas – Biography

March 17, 2015

Bayfield, WI (NNCNOW.com) — The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has developed its Wolf Protection Plan.

The tribe cites that a federal judge ordered the gray wolf back on the Endangered Species List in December 2014; the order followed years of controversy over a state sanctioned hunting season.

Following the judge’s order, the Red Cliff Treaty Natural Resources Division began working on a protection plan that aims to preserve wolves on and near the reservation.

Some of the highlights of the plan are the following:

-Declaring the Red Cliff Reservation a wolf sanctuary

-Prohibiting any hunting within a six mile “buffer” zone of the reservation should there ever be future legal harvest

-Working cooperatively with U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to safely mitigate any human-wolf conflict issues.

“The wolf plays an important…

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Turkey Mountain update: A bad mall plan’s details are revealed, and it still looks pretty bad


I think this mall will be built, but I’m glad you and others keep fighting. I added next week’s city of Tulsa Planning Review Cmte Meeting to my calender. I’ll have to take off work, but will try to be present. What we have at Turkey Mountain is rare for a city this size. I only know of one other city with a wild area that close to downtown that is large, and that is Discovery Park in Seattle. We must keep all we can with Turkey Mountain.

I work in stream monitoring and wetland assessments. I’m glad you touched on the erosion problems that will happen. I do believe this mall is will be built and if that does indeed happen the next step I’d like to see is is to hammer Simon malls to build with low impact development (LID) for all of the storm water management designs. There should be bioswales to absorb parking lot runoff before that water ever leaves the parking lot; rain gardens strategically placed to absorb and slow runoff water; trees in the parking lot rather than acres of nonpervious pavement. We’re not there yet and hopefully Simon will back out of this mall deal.

Is the city of Tulsa going to widen 61st and add traffic lights? If not, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Originally posted on proactiveoutside:

A more detailed plan of Simon Group's plan for an outlet mall at Turkey Mountain. Note just one entry and exit on a two lane road (traffic nightmares), and at the bottom of the map, you'll see that the site butts right up to a ravine. No thanks. A more detailed plan of Simon Group’s plan for an outlet mall at Turkey Mountain. Note just one entry and exit on a two-lane road (traffic nightmares), and at the bottom of the map, you’ll see that the site butts right up to a ravine. No thanks.

The latest news on what’s happening with the outlet mall on Turkey Mountain is twofold: it’s not unexpected, but it’s also very revealing.

The Simon Group recently submitted more detailed plans for its proposed Premium Outlets project that it wants to build on the west side of Turkey Mountain. The site is on a privately held parcel next to the Westside YMCA and undeveloped wild land that is part of the greater Turkey Mountain area.

Simon is promising jobs and shopping. What it wants is permission to build right on top of one of the last urban green spaces left in the city…

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Yellowstone wildlife sent to slaughter; calling all buffalo warriors


She knocked it out of the park. There is nothing I can add. Please take time to read what is happening to the last wild buffalo herd in America. This is the last herd with pure wild DNA. I am so disappointed in the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe.

Originally posted on Animal Blawg:

10429277_10153021164260859_6998809249201624349_nKathleen Stachowski    Other Nations

Dear Americans:

You’re busy, I know. You’re busy working and playing and doing a million crazy, diverse things that Americans do in our big, crazy, diverse country. That’s just who we are, and that’s what makes us awesome.

But right now, I’m going to cherry-pick a few things we share. We’re nuts about wildlife–amiright?!? In 2011, a whopping 71.8 million of us–that was 30% of the U.S. adult population–identified as dedicated wildlife watchers in a once-every-five-years national Census survey. We spent a bundle–$54.9 billion–on wildlife watching that year.

According to the same report, 12.3 million of us visited parks and other natural areas to view wildlife (pg. 36). And in 2012, a National Parks Conservation Association poll found that “95 percent of voters see protecting and supporting the National Parks as an appropriate role for the federal government.” In one survey question, protecting…

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The First Annual Great Montana Wolf & Coyote Hunt


Grown men that kill for entertainment and sport. God bless them. They must be missing something important.

Originally posted on Wolf Patrol:

Two wolves trapped January 14th, 2015 Sanders County, Montana Two wolves trapped January 14th, 2015 Sanders County, Montana

Members of Wolf Patrol were in Sanders County, Montana from January 15-18th, to monitor an organized wolf hunt in western Montana dubbed the “Great Montana Wolf & Coyote Hunt.” The event was sponsored by the Montana Trappers Association and other sportsmen’s groups and was billed as an effort to “manage the wolf and coyote population.”

Wolf track Lolo National Forest Wolf track Lolo National Forest

Wolf Patrol’s objective is to monitor coordinated “killing contests” or trapping competitions in Idaho and Montana, which are the only states outside of Alaska to still allow wolf hunting. Wolf Patrol decided to investigate the event after Montana residents brought the predator contest to our attention and after a similar contest was held in Salmon, Idaho the past two years.

Wolf in crosshairs billboard Wolf in crosshairs billboard

The Montana hunt was centered in Sanders County, where very few livestock depredations were reported by Montana…

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Turkey Mountain update: Risking wilderness and taxpayer money on a dubious outlet mall plan


This spot is not the spot for a new mall. What happened to the new Riverwalk Mall in Jenks? It was suppose to be a high end mall, but it failed and the shops emptied. The Muscogee Creek Nation purchased that mall and it is still largely empty. It isn’t far from this proposed site. Turkey Mountain offers something most cities do not have—a large acreage of trails for bikers, hikers and joggers and all within the city of Tulsa. Pretty spectacular for a place like Tulsa and highly unusual for Oklahoma.

Originally posted on proactiveoutside:

Is this the future of what an outlet mall at Turkey Mountain looks like? The track record for such enterprises isn't that good. Is this the future of what an outlet mall at Turkey Mountain looks like? The track record for such enterprises isn’t that good.

One of the questions that has been raised by some people is what harm could come from building an outlet mall at Turkey Mountain.

Over the past few months, I’ve written about this quite often. The construction of an outlet mall at the proposed location will wipe out many acres of woodlands. It will consume many existing, scenic trails. It will encroach on wildlife habitat. And with the infrastructure expansions that will be necessary to handle the expected traffic at the shopping center, even more trails and woodlands all along 61st Street and Elwood Avenue will be consumed. The mere presence of an outlet mall at the place where Simon Properties wants to build will have a negative impact on all of Turkey Mountain. The destruction…

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Bright spots in a Dark year


A great report on rhino’s plight this past year.

Originally posted on Fight for Rhinos:

This  was a tough year for rhinos. No doubt about it. The poachings have amounted to over 1100 deaths in 2014. Outrage, grief and frustration weigh on the hearts of all of us, but there is no room for doubt or defeat. For behind the headlines of “another rhino poached”, lie seeds of hope and strength.

*Awareness groups in Vietnam, like ENV (Education for Nature Vietnam), WildAct and WildAid have launched campaigns to raise awareness and change attitudes in Vietnam about rhino horn use.

*The Javan rhino population has increased.

javan rhino Javan rhino via International Rhino Foundation

*The US (the second largest ivory market in the world) announced a ban on commercial ivory.

*Rhinos Without Borders and And Beyond have aided in the translocation of rhinos into safer, intensive protection zones.

*Interpol is getting involved with seeking out the capture of rhino poachers, recognizing the importance of stopping poaching on a global…

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