Washington Shooter Not Special, Not a Warrior

end of trail

I have nothing but questions. How the hell does this keep happening? Do young people today lack coping mechanisms? If so, what are we not teaching them? If not, what are the multitude of factors that make it so easy for a one kid having a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad year, or a bad life to kill his classmates? This kid does not fit the stereotypical profile; loner, disliked, didn’t fit in, yadi, yadi, yah. He was just the opposite of the stereotypical ‘kid shooter’ profile. This kid was popular.
We need to find the combined factors that we’re exposing our youth to, or not teaching them, that is driving these mass shootings/killings. We now have a generation of people that grew up with a new ideology of raising kids: going to ‘time out’ rather than swats; ‘everyone is a winner'; and ‘everybody can do anything they want to do’. That generation is now raising kids. That probably is not what caused these shootings, but it may be a small percentage of the combined factors.

Life is fucking hard on some days. Some of those hard days turn into a hard week or a hard year or several years. That is life. You can’t find all the solutions from a psychologist/counselor. You can’t take a pill to fix the bad days. Not everyone will like you. People are assholes. They gossip, they backstab, they act friendly to your face yet will hide the joy they feel when you have a failure or hurt, but that is just the way it is when dealing with humans.

You will have relationships where you are treated like dirt. Walk away. I don’t care what your parents told you. You are not special. No, you are not special. None of us are special. You will have bad days, bad weeks, and bad years. You will get your heart broken and your soul beaten. You will not ever get a ‘time out’ or a “you are special” corner from life. You are not special. Your pain is not special. It is not worse than the kid next door, or the kid on the other side of the country. I do not give a rat’s ass what your parents think and told you. You are not special. What you are is loved. Someone somewhere loves you. Two people conceived you. Someone gave birth to you. Someone you have never met cares about you and has compassion for your wellbeing. Someone loves you even on your worst days.

If you want to be a warrior put down the knife, put down the gun, and do not kill your friends and classmates because you are in pain. What you do is pick your punk ass up from its pity pile and continue down your life’s path. Resilience and grit is what defines a warrior, not guns. Tend your wounds. They will heal. Scratch your scars when they itch because the only guarantee you get in this life is there will be bad days, bad weeks, and bad years.

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Media Release: GLWP documents illegal wolf trapping activity, hunters kill over quota, WDNR takes no action


Working Smart!

Originally posted on Wolf Patrol:

Media Release October 22rd, 2014 – At the invitation of Wisconsin residents, Great Lakes Wolf Patrol (GLWP) monitored the state’s third wolf trapping season in Douglas County Forest, located in Zone 1 of the Department of Natural Resources’ (WDNR) wolf hunt area.  Patrol members set out on daily foot patrols of high-traffic trapping areas and conducted surveillance using metal detectors, handheld and trail cameras, and our own eyes during hikes on public lands.  Our legwork reveals commonplace violations of trapping regulations by Wisconsin wolf trappers. GLWP left Douglas County Forest on Monday, October 21st with documentation of at least one wolf trap still unsprung and in the ground.

GLWP clocked hundreds of miles of patrols across Douglas County Forest lands, encountering dozens of hunters, but not once witnessing the presence of WDNR wardens patrolling an area with known wolf trapping operations.  Such negligence in managing public trust wildlife explains why…

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Save The Yellowstone Bison!

Originally posted on Howling For Justice:

(From the Buffalo Field Campaign)

“NEW FILM: Silencing the Thunder
Independent film maker and Montana State University student, Eddie Roqueta, has just released an incredible 26-minute documentary about the ongoing war against America’s last wild buffalo.”

Yellowstone Bison_2013

Winter 2013 –  Magnificent Yellowstone buffalo, one of  the last wild, free roaming bison. A natural treasure!

Please help save them! Stop the slaughter!

Visit the Buffalo Field Campaign for more information.

Just like the wolves, bison are voiceless, speak for them!


Yellowstone to cull (kill) 900 buffalo this year

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists recommend suspension of Wisconsin wolf hunt


Wisconsin is out of control. Between WY designating wolves as ‘varmits that can be killed on spot in 85% of the state; Idaho creating a ‘wolf control board’ that is loaded with ranchers and hunters; and Wisconsin’s designation of of wolves as varmits, the hounding of wolves with dogs, and all of the other issues that Patricia Randolpf has reported on in this article it is obvious that states will NOT manage wolves in good faith.

Originally posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife:

wolf pups 2

“The range of possible (wolf) mortality rates (may be) as high as 35–55 percent, or 7–27 percent higher than reported by the state.” — wolf biologists’ letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

When nature organized this country, 2 million wolves graced the United States. Now state agencies man-handle nature as a game preserve for the 6 percent who kill. Less than 5,000 (0.025 percent of 2 million) wolves survive, under assault, about half of them in Minnesota. Red wolves are near extinction.

Wolves were the first endangered key predator species to be delisted legislatively, for a political agenda, not for scientific recovery. It was a gross violation of the Endangered Species Act. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, a rancher, wanted wolves for his constituency to kill, and the Democrats wanted to keep his seat and the Senate — so the ESA was violated, as were the wolves and our…

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Gator Lady hit the nail on the head.

Originally posted on Walking with the Alligators:


Why is this man smiling?
Picture credit: William A. Troyer – US Fish and Wildlife Service
I apologize for this brutal picture, but it explains my rage.

Yes, sorry, two in one morning, both of them  were in my email and neither could be ignored.

This story is about a subject that pains me deeply to relay.

I can still hear the words of my first Anthropology Professor many years ago saying that:

“99% of all species of all animals, will, or have already, disappeared from the Earth.”

I NEVER got over that very off-handed, complacent, nearly matter of fact, comment.

It did not seem like he was all that terribly concerned.

But, then, why should he have been, few seem to be any more.

It almost seems like we Humans, have become hardened against, or desensitized to this alarming state of affairs,  in the Animal Kingdom.

It is so much easier to pick…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: DNR offers smorgasbord of killing opportunities

Originally posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife:

bear looking around tree_5413562a2da6d.preview-300

“You that never done nothin’ but build to destroy/You play with my world like it’s your little toy. … Even Jesus would never forgive what you do. ~ “Masters of War,” Bob Dylan

Sept. 14 is day 12 of the 35-day bear hunt. Thousands of bears, vulnerable from baiting since April, and having been run by dogs since July 1, have been wounded or killed with guns or crossbows or dogs. Most of them were spring cubs, yearlings or mothers. The last four months before denning, when they need to feed every day, bears are run relentlessly. As a consequence, there is the real risk of bears and spring cubs starving in winter dens.

Hunters, having bagged their bear, will turn attention to add the smorgasbord of killing opportunities that began Saturday, Sept. 13. The deer kill used to be a nine-day ordeal for those of us who love our…

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Something fishy is brewing in Red Wolf Country: Will the red wolf program survive?


Important notice on the Red Wolf program through U.S. FWS. Please reblog this blog and let’s get our comments submitted. We have only two weeks to submit comments, which is unusually short. Help spread the word.

Originally posted on Wild Muse:

Red wolf puppies (FWS/Ryan Nordsven)

Red wolf puppies (FWS/Ryan Nordsven)

For a few weeks now, I’ve been suspecting that something awfully fishy is going on in Red Wolf Country. I can’t escape the premonition that higher-ups in the Fish and Wildlife Service are positioning their pawns to kill or significantly alter the red wolf reintroduction program. Three years have passed since I finished writing my book on red wolves, and it’s been one year since it was published. But so much has changed since then I can only shake my head in disbelief. All the hope I held onto when completing the book is wavering. 

Red wolves are globally endangered, and though a captive population exists in some 40-plus breeding facilities across the U.S., the planet’s only wild red wolves, a mere 90 or so, inhabit 1.7 million acres on a spit of coastal swamp and forest known as the Albemarle Peninsula. The first reintroduced…

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