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The blog shows one more aspect in this ongoing genocide against elephants. I may not yet know how, but all of us from nations across the world must find a way to first, stop China’s bloodlust for ivory; and two, pressure the African countries to arrest and imprison the elite that allow this genocide to continue.

Originally posted on Mark Deeble:


I woke to the sound of heavy breathing – and lay still. Next came grass-ripping, followed by the sound of sliding cloth – first loud and rough, then soft and slick. I knew that the grass-ripping would be Chota, our ‘camp elephant’, feeding close to our tent. The other sound puzzled me. I kept my eyes closed, delighting in the mystery of what it could be. I knew he was feeding within a few feet, but there was something else going on. The noise came again. I gave up. I opened my eyes. Chota’s huge bulk blocked the moon, and cast a shadow over the bed. He was up against the tent, much closer than usual – pulling grass from beneath the flysheet – where daytime shade and the occasional drizzle-drip has kept it slightly greener. With each trunkful, he’d raise his head – as he did, his tusk tips…

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THOUGHTS FROM WITHIN by Woody Harrelson 


It’s well worth reading.

Originally posted on Creative by Nature:


I sometimes feel like an alien creature 
for which there is no earthly explanation 
Sure I have human form 
walking erect and opposing digits, 
but my mind is upside down. 
I feel like a run-on sentence 
in a punctuation crazy world. 
and I see the world around me 
like a mad collective dream. 

An endless stream of people 
move like ants from the freeway 
cell phones, pc’s, and digital displays 
“In Money We Trust,” 
we’ll find happiness 
the prevailing attitude; 
like a genetically modified irradiated Big Mac 
is somehow symbolic of food. 

Morality is legislated 
prisons over-populated 
religion is incorporated 
the profit-motive has permeated all activity 
we pay our government to let us park on the street 
And war is the biggest money-maker of all 
we all know missile envy only comes from being small. 

Politicians and prostitutes 
are comfortable together 
I wonder if they talk about the strange change…

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Elephants – why bother?


Some people are not and have never been in touch with the natural world, and some people simply do not like animals; any animals. It blows my mind.

Originally posted on Mark Deeble:

Elephant baby at waterhole

A few months ago, at a dinner in New York, an aquaintance got into a conversation where a guest asked, “Why all the fuss about elephants – they mean nothing to me personally. Why should I bother whether or not they go extinct?”

The comment, and the attitude it reflected, has concerned me ever since. I don’t know if it was made out ignorance, arrogance, an attempt to provoke, or the desire for genuine knowledge. I prefer to think it is the latter.

So I asked myself, why should they bother? What should elephants mean to someone who has never had the good fortune to meet them?

The scientist in me was the first to answer, for diversity in ecosystems reflects a more vibrant, interesting, and robust life-support system for the planet. Elephants play an important role. They are key-stone species, terrestrial-ecosystem architects, and gardeners without parallel.

In tropical rain…

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Kitten’s Ears Pierced and Infected: Needs Help ears pierced


This post comes from a ‘news personality’ in Palmview, TX. I think it’s Texas. He had this sent to him, but we need to get this kitten AWAY from whoever has it. The kitten’s ears are infected. The paws look to be infected. There looks to be dried mucus on the nose, but it’s hard to see from this angle. Please share and reblog this post. We need to find where this kitten is and who has it, so we can turn them in for animal abuse.

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April 24, 2014 · 8:37 AM

Thousands Of Ukraine’s Zoo Animals May Soon Starve


I hope word gets out so these unfortunate animals can be taken care of.

Originally posted on Igor Purlantov:

As political unrest continues to threaten the peace in Ukraine, thousands of animals at one of the country’s zoos are at the brink of starvation, an international conservation group announced this week.  The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, a nonprofit headquartered in South Africa, told The Huffington Post there has been a severe scarcity of food and medical supplies for the estimated 5,700 animals at the 104-year-old Nikolaev Zoo, located in southern Ukraine, since government funding for the zoo dried up a few weeks ago.  “The fact is, they were just two days away from totally running out of food for the carnivores when we found out about this and began providing meat,” the organization’s international president, Barbara Wiseman, told HuffPost via email. “The rest of the animals were just two weeks away from running out of food.”

-Igor Purlantov

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Nebraska Governor Vetos Bill That Would Ban Cougar Hunting


Who knew so many people love to kill for recreation?

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

Nebraska Governor Stands Up For Sportsmen, Veto’s Hunting Ban

Columbus, OH –( Today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman vetoed a bill that would have banned Mountain lion hunting in Nebraska.

The measure, LB 671, sought to remove the authority of the state’s wildlife management professionals in favor of legislative ban on mountain lion hunting.

In his veto message, Governor Heineman stated “Nebraskans expect responsible wildlife management. LB 671 eliminates an important tool used to accomplish it. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission should retain the ability to determine those management actions which are necessary to protect both the health and safety of our citizens and the wildlife in our state. Removing the agency’s authority to manage mountain lions through hunting at this time is poor public policy.”

The bill will now be returned to the legislature where they would need 30 yes votes to override the Governor’s veto.

“Our system of…

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How to Kill a Wolf

Read Christopher Ketchum’s take on the infamous Salmon, ID ‘Family Fun Weekend” Wolf and Coyote Derby. If you aren’t familiar, it happened a couple of months ago, and went viral with national opposition. This is an entertaining and disturbing juxtapose of the wolf hating, gut shot hunter.

All I can say is God help Idaho. Something went terribly wrong after the land was taken from the Nez Perce. Terribly wrong.




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